Rodo Sofranac

Rodo Sofranac

Rodo Sofranac

The mission of Rodo Writes is to get more people reading more and to help anyone in their language as well as brain development.

Rodo and his wife, Susan, use 100% of the profits from the sale of their books to produce, purchase, and donate more books to schools and non-profit agencies working on literacy development—over 120 organizations on five continents, so far!

As life slooooowly opens again, Arry says: go to see my friend Rodo in person with Polly, the Peaputts, Maddy, Rogilla, Rojo, and other Rodo Writes characters. His events are always family-oriented, so bring the kiddies. The locations are also unique local establishments.

About Frodo

Rodo spent the first years of his life in a small village called Rijeka Crnojevića, in Montenegro--former Yugoslavia. His family fled to Austria and later immigrated to the United States. This diversity of cultures and languages inspired Rodo to read, write, and have fun with words, especially telling stories.  He works with diverse groups of people as a teacher, translator, and mentor.  In addition to a degree in psychology from Cornell University, Rodo has a teacher certification from Cleveland State University and an MBA from Arizona State University. Most significantly, he is a husband (45 plus years to the same patient lady), father of four creative kids, and grandfather to four future leaders. Learn more about Frodo 


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