Andrea Neal

Andrea Neal

Andrea Neal

Andrea Neal, originally from Queens, NY, moved to Phoenix, AZ, as a teenager. Andrea began her professional career with the City of Phoenix. Her daily duties included inspecting non-permitted complaints and permitted facilities such as restaurants, daycares, nursing homes, special events and inspecting and permitting food trucks.  

After graduating from The University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Andrea started her career as an Environmental Health Specialist for Maricopa County. After becoming a mother to her daughter, Andrea decided to leave her desired career and stay at home with her children. Restless, Andrea decided to pursue her biggest dream: becoming her own boss. 

Andrea created a mobile food catering business (Jasperz Island Fusion Cuisine), which participates in some of the biggest events throughout Arizona. Fusing both the Mexican and Caribbean cultures together, Andrea created wonderful pallets of food.

In addition to catering, Andrea is also an accomplished professional photographer (Jasperz Fine Art Studio), capturing landscapes, wildlife, sports (NASCAR, NCAA, MLB, INDY, USL Championship, Formula 1) or whatever captures her eyes during her various hiking trips and travels. With her love for photography, art and wanting her children to learn, Andrea created and self-published educational children’s books with photographs of animals, description of the animals and locations where the animals’ photos were taken. 

Andrea JPD Neal Self-published kids books include:

  • Look!! I love your birds, mama!!!
  • Look!! I love your animals, mama!!!
  • Wow!! look at the birds, mama!!!!
  • Wow!! look at the animals, mama!!!


Andrea Neal

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