Lynn Bonner Austin

Lynn Bonner Austin

Lynn Bonner Austin


Lynn Bonner Austin, MBA, is a professor and the managing director at Austin Group Consulting. Her published books include The BOM: Betting on Me; Press Interview Fundamentals: Techniques for Mastering Interviews; 12 Step Approach to Sponsorship: The Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring Sponsorships and Maintaining Relationships. She adopted Newman and quickly realized that despite the hardships he endured having survived Taiwan's meat-trade industry, and circumstances that challenged his ability to trust, he maintains the best happy-go-lucky disposition imaginable.  Lynn strives to guide, motivate and inspire transformation and understanding in the lives of others along the path to living her purpose. 

Lynn is a 2017 Humanitarian Award recipient, enjoys riding motorcycles, hiking, reading, traveling and spending time with Newman, family and friends.


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