Empowering Families Through Reading!

At our core, we're on a mission to encourage parents and grandparents to read to kids aged 3-6 for 15 minutes a day. We believe in the transformative power of storytelling to strengthen family bonds and nurture young minds. Join us in spreading the joy of reading!

Enriching Literacy With Read to Kids US Inc

In the heart of Phoenix, Read to Kids US Inc is revolutionizing the way families connect through literature. As a literacy-focused nonprofit, we are dedicated to promoting the joy of reading among children aged 3-6 years old. Our commitment to fostering meaningful parent-child relationships sets us apart in the ...

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Strengthening Family Bonds Through Reading & Storytelling

We understand the challenges modern families face in balancing work, home life, and the desire to foster meaningful connections with their children. Are you juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet? Do long work hours leave you with little time for your child? Perhaps you find yourself confined at home, grappling ...

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Encouraging Parents and Grandparents to Read to Their Children

At Read to Kids US, our mission is simple: to encourage parents and grandparents to read to their children. In today's digital age, where telecommunication dominates and children are inundated with organized activities and screen time, meaningful moments with young ones are scarce. Grandparents, often distanced ...

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