Sally Goldberg, PH.D., Parenting Specialist

Sally Goldberg, PH.D., Parenting Specialist

Sally Goldberg, PH.D., Parenting Specialist

Sally Goldbrg, Ph.D., professor of education, author, magazine writer, and the first parenting expert on FOX TV's "Parent to Parent," has changed her focus! Meet Dr. Sally on Sally worked for many years as an instructor of early childhood education on the adjunct faculties of several different universities—University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University and Barry University in Florida and the University of Phoenix in Arizona. She was a national conference presenter and a frequent guest on TV and radio. Sally, who grew up in White Plains, NY, has Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Cornell University and a Ph.D. from the University of Miami.

"Reading to kids is a major pathway for connection. I give reading tips on this site every month."Connection" is truly the magic word. Parents can use "connecting" in their own ways as much as possible all the time!

All the equipment is useful, but not when overused or used in the wrong ways. Breast feeding is excellent, but bottle feeding in the right position and connecting is good too.In addition, breast feeding without connecting is less effective.

Other people as substitute feeders with the bottle, and not too many different ones. are okay too. Filling a child up like a gas tank is the most dysfunctional of all but can still be used in a pinch.

Modern life will be modern life, but informed people making informed decisions can change the world."


Everything you say and do is important, and there is not one moment to waste. While it is great to be prepared at all times, doing your best during the formative years from birth to ages three to five is most critical. Every child is entitled to have the finest experiences, and every parent should know how to provide them.

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Dr Sally provides valuable advice to parents every month here!

She provides a PDF each month and articles with links that parents should be able to open, read & download. Click HERE to check May's edition.



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