Goldberg: Artificial intelligence and parenting

Goldberg: Artificial intelligence and parenting

Goldberg: Artificial intelligence and parenting

March 18, 2024 11:17 am

Sally Goldberg | Fountain Hills Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is here, but Real Intelligence (R.I.) is still here, too. Day by day, R.I. is learning more about A.I. Every contact we have with it is more exciting, interesting and worrisome, too. 

A is for “Artificial,” oh dear what is that? I is “Intelligence,” I smell a rat. Smart as we are with our worldly prowess. It’s time to go slowly and not to digress. 

It’s the brain that we have and that no one can hack. It is smart; it can lead and can keep us on track. It’s our brains we can use to show what we know. Like not to go places where we should not go. Scientists, please, keep us safe from great stress. We need to avoid a big giant mess. “Nature’s” the word with the highest of clout. No way in the world we should leave that part out. 

Good rules are a must to be formed from the start. And laws are the key if made from the heart. You can write every clause to make it sound right. But the force of what’s coming’s too strong to take light. 

We have brains to keep checking the A and the I. They’re there for a reason, for us to ask why. They warn us of safety in all that we try. Their message SHOUTS clearly, “The stakes are too high.” 

What is a parent or grandparent to do? Remember to keep focusing on the real one. Be careful and provide as optimal an environment as possible. It begins with love, and then everything flows from there. All contact we have with growing children is important and forms who they are and also who they will become, from the start.

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