Goldberg: Artificial intelligence, real intelligence and fighting crime

Goldberg: Artificial intelligence, real intelligence and fighting crime

Goldberg: Artificial intelligence, real intelligence and fighting crime
Posted Friday, April 19, 2024 9:00 am

Sally Goldberg | Fountain Hills

Everyone wants to stop violence today, but no one knows how. Some think we will be able to find the answer with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) because it has amazing capacities that our scientists keep uncovering and discovering every day. However, now we know it is not that. Real Intelligence (R.I.) still rules. That is the one that needs our time, attention and real love.

Positive early childhood patterning is what creates that. Early brain development lays the groundwork for later life. What kind of brain setting experiences did the new mass murderers have in their early years? Research says likely very poor. Specific parenting input, which can be learned, has the power of prevention. It can stop violence in its tracks, and it is our parents, grandparents and loved ones who can provide it.

What can they do? Be careful and provide as optimal an environment as possible at all times. Each contact they have with growing children is important and helps to form who they are and also who they will become. All kids depend on their guidance, beginning on day one.

Facts and figures are all part of learning, but emotional development is a big part of it. Happy, sad, being mad, angry and scared; these are all important. We have emotions to spur us on, protect us and more. Real Intelligence (R.I.), which includes it, still rules.

With the advent of more and more screen life, our kids are losing some of their R.I. Can A.I. help them reclaim it? In some ways, yes, but in the most important ones, no. Only parents, grandparents and those who care can hold, hug, build their self-esteem, form relationships with them, and instill in them the highest values.

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