Deverges Jones

Board Member

DeVerges Jones is a brand champion and growth strategist and has an MBA from Cornell University Johnson School of Management with a major in marketing and managerial economics. In 2013 he received the Wilbur Parker Distinguished Alumni Award from the Cornell Johnson School. DeVerges also has a BA degree from Morehouse College and studied international business at Columbia University.

DeVerges Jones is an innovative marketing strategist who leverages general management skills to exceed corporate goals. He captures the imagination and interest of consumers resulting in massive sales growth. Equipped with Fortune 500 best practices expertise from Kraft, Clairol, Pepsi, Mars, Inc., Pedigree and Whiskas pet foods, and Philips,

DeVerges is an expert at creating unique customer experiences in digital and traditional formats across omni-channels. He is a passionate strategic leader who leverages both creative and bottom-line skills to drive long-term sustainable profits.

DeVerges is a transformational leader, who maximizes multi-cultural and diversity to enhance brand growth. Additionally, he has helped small companies and startups better position themselves in their respective markets.

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